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Nintendo Switch Online goes live in September

I simply loved my Wii console! It ran all the Mario games, the Donkey Kong games, and so on. Therefore, I bought a Wii U soon after its launch. It was a bad move, though, because I could only find a few decent games for it. Well, at least I was able to run my old Wii games on the Wii U as well...

Despite having weaker hardware in comparison with its competitors' consoles, Nintendo Switch has managed to attract several game publishers, though. And soon, Nintendo will open an online service that allows people to compete in multiplayer games and play some of the good old Nintendo titles that have made the company famous: The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and more.

The price for the Nintendo Switch Online service will be quite affordable; we'll only need to pay $4/month (or $20/year) to get access to it.


Atari VCS mixes 4K graphics and old-school games

Few of us remember Atari, a gaming company that made quite a few waves back in the 70s and 80s. These guys have invented Space Invaders, Atlantis, Asteroids, Missile Command, Yars' Revenge and Pitfall, to give you a few examples.

And now, Atari is ready to join the gaming console wars with a fresh product named Atari VCS. The new gaming console was announced in 2017 and can now be ordered on Indiegogo for $329 + shipping. It can run the old console hits, as well as modern PC games.

Not only that, but Atari VCS can also be controlled using your voice and integrates a fully featured Internet browser. It also includes a unique feature - Linux Sandbox - which allows you to port and create new gaming-related content.



PlayStation 5 will hit the stores by 2020

Sony took the safer path when it upgraded its PS4 console to the Pro version. The key differences between the two models are screen resolution (1080p vs 2160p/4K), a 30% faster CPU, a better GPU and more memory.

While I am sure that Sony would like to release a new generation of its console as quickly as possible, the current technologies don't allow it to build a compact machine that has enough power to make PS4 owners upgrade. The good news is that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited is currently designing 7nm FinFET transistors, which will replace the 16nm FinFET components that are used in the current version of the console.

Price is also a key factor; customers will probably pay a bit more money for the new PS5, but newer technologies are always expensive. The article linked below provides more information.



The world's smallest portable gaming device

According to its creators, PocketSprite is the world's smallest emulator. And you'd better believe them, because their creation can fit on a keyring, after all. This tiny console may be small, but it is powerful enough to play all the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Master System and Gamegear games that you have loved so much.

PocketSprite incorporates a tiny, and yet super bright OLED screen. It can also play other games that are uploaded to its internal memory by using a Wi-Fi connection. The rechargeable battery offers several hours of gameplay, and the 8-bit tunes and sound effects are played by a surprisingly loud speaker for its size.

PocketSprite runs using open source software, so anyone can take a look at and/or tweak its code. The built-in memory can store up to 100 smaller-sized games. If all goes as planned, you should be able to buy this tiny console in May for about $50.




Tour the Ancient Egypt using Assassin's Creed: Origins

Most gamers are familiar with the Assassin's Creed series due to its non-stop neck-stabbing action. However, very few people are aware of the fact that a lot of level design work went into recreating a very accurate representation of the ancient world.

Several history teachers have asked Ubisoft to mod the Assassin's Creed: Origins game, creating a series of interactive, educational tours of the Ancient Egypt. Fortunately, the company obliged.

By playing the game in "Discovery Mode", you will be able to take no less than 75 historical tours and learn more about those gorgeous Egyptian settings. Discovery Mode is now available as a free game update, or you can purchase it as a standalone, classroom-friendly product.





Commodore 64 is being revived

It looks like there are lots of nostalgic gamers out there! At least that's what companies such as Sony, Atari or Sega are thinking. And now, Retro Games are ready to release an improved version of the old Commodore 64 - the C64 Mini.

As you can guess, the C64 mini is basically a virtual emulator that can connect to your TV through a HDMI plug and includes 64 of Commodore's best games: Cyberdyne Warrior, Firelord, Highway Encounter, Robin Of The Wood, etc.

Your choices aren't limited to the games that are supplied with the C64 Mini, of course; you can load all your legally-owned games and applications as well. Simply copy the desired d64 disk file to a USB memory stick, and then rename it to THEC64-drive8.d64 – that is all!






Logitech launches a wireless mouse mat charger

I simply love my wireless keyboard! And my wireless mouse as well, of course. But for some strange reason, I need to replace the two batteries that are used by the mouse every 4-6 months. And often, the mouse stops working exactly when I need it most...

Logitech must know exactly how we feel, because it has designed the Powerplay wireless charging pad for people like you and me. The device uses electromagnetic resonance to power up your mouse, rather that utilizing an induction charging system to recharge batteries, the way most smartphones do.

You will have to attach a dedicated "Powercore" module to your mouse to make it work, of course. But it's a tiny one, and it will quickly transform your wireless mouse into one that won't need to have its batteries replaced from now on.







No Man's Sky gets the "Next" update

This science fiction adventure has attracted players of all ages who wanted to explore its unique, randomly-generated planets. Hostile creatures, pirates and the unique RPG elements played their part as well, of course.

Hello Games will soon release a major game update which improves graphics, adds coop multiplayer for up to four friends, allows players to build and share colonies, gives you the option to use first or third person cameras no matter if you are on-foot or flying your ship, and more.

With the Next update, you will also be able to build bases anywhere – on top of the highest mountains, and even underwater! A new set of base parts have been added, allowing players to express their creativity.